The World’s First Resort Suited For Plus-Sized Tourists

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If you are not plus-sized it is possible that you haven’t noticed that most hotels are not suited for people with some more meat on their bones. If you picture the chairs of every dining room you have even been at you will realize that a heavier person than you would not be able to sit. It was about time that a plus-sized resort was built in order to accomodate people who don’t fit th e standards of modern society, but need special care.

The Resort is probably the only plus-size friendly hotel in the world, with everything having been designed to accomodate the obese.

Facebook | TheResort4U

The resort is located on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas and it opened two years ago.

Facebook | TheResort4U

Overweight tourists feel free to walk around the resort, since nobody will judge them for their weight and look at them like they are aliens. 

Facebook | TheResort4U

Enterpreneur James King had the idea for a resort like this for 14 years after witnessing an embarrassing incident in a hotel, where an obese person broke a chair.

Facebook | TheResort4U

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