The Worst Hats We’ve Ever Seen Royals Wear


If there is one thing about beauty and style that you should always remember is that money and fame do not automatically make you fashionable and do not give you a great taste. An expensive and famous stylist can give you all that thanks to your bank account. This has been proven thousands of times by the most famous of people out there and royals as well. Royals do not only care about wearing famous brands, but also getting the most of the attention of their fellow royals and the media.That’s why they try to go one step further than the ones before them and they think they can get away with any crazy choice they make simply because of their status. Well, that couldn’t be more wrong and we will not give them a free judgement pass just because they were born rich.


1. We all love nature and butterflies, but couldn’t she just wear a butterfly pin?


Apparently not.

2. This one has a double use. 


It offers great signal and whoever wears it doesn’t need an umbrella when it’s raining.


3. Like the huge, weirdly-shaped hat wasn’t enough, she also had to add a bouquet.


Because the more, the merrier, right?

4. If she wanted pure realism she should have added a bee drinking the flower’s nectar.

Pinterest | Cj Richmond

Oh well, maybe next time.


5. If she ever tried to cross the borders with this hat, the officers would probably think she was smuggling.

Pinterest | Kelly Hebert

I wouldn’t blame them.

6. The design itself isn’t bad at all, but it is horrible for a hat.


Whatever floats her boat I guess.


7. And you thought that the red flower was the worst up until this point. 


Oh no!

8. ”Would you like some tea miss?”. ”No thank, you. I already have mine”.


Convenient… NOT!


9. If I ever saw this woman in front of me, I would call PETA.

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Yup, she deserves it.

10. There are places where eagles really land on people heads trying to steal their food off their hands.

Pinterest | Kelly Hebert

And then, there’s this hat.

11. I wouldn’t take this one even if it was offered for free in a yard sale. 

Pinterest | Kelly Hebert

Seriously, why?

12. Now, this one would be perfect if she was a dancer at the carnival in Barbados.

Pinterest | DelMonico Hatter

Royals are some of the craziest and most unforgiving people in the world. Their purpose is to serve the people and help as many in need as possible. What they choose to do is spend thousands on their personal needs and look down on normal people.

What do you think?

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