These Are the Ages You Peak at Everything Throughout Life


Life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Some people believe that they can have it all at the same time, but that’s just another illusion; the truth is that every age has its pros and cons. We just have to learn and value both and stop wishing we were older or younger. You cannot live a phase in your life twice, so the best thing to do is accept that and live life as it comes.


1. Between 7-8 years old, a person is most capable of learning a new language and actually remembering it years later.


As the years go by, it gets increasingly difficult to learn even the basics.

2. Women are more attractive to men at the age of 23, while men get more attractive to women as they get older.


Nature really is unfair.


3. At 23 people will usually say that they are happy about their lives mostly because troubles haven’t begun.


I am 23, but, unfortunately, can attest to that.

4. At 30 your bones are at their strongest and densest, which does not mean that you should stop taking care of them by taking Calcium and Vitamin D.


It actually means the opposite, since by that age, they will gradually start to deteriorate.


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