These Pink Products Are a Must-Have For Every Millennial


Pink is the color that now dominates everything. From home design to clothing, pink is the color that can be seen everywhere, with millennials more than anyone opting for it. Who can forget the pink floating flamingos that dominated every beach this past summer or the pink bomber jackets that were hanging in every store’s walls? These two are just an example of how popular the color pink has been and continues to be this year.

1. Mini polaroids have made a full comeback the past year and a half amongst millennials and they are not as bad as we thought they were.


2. This pink bunny wristlet will dominate this winter and I can guarantee you that you will be seeing it everywhere.


3. Pink iPhone cases are about to get huge out there and you don’t want to be the last to follow the trend.


4. A pink throw pillow may not have been in your list with things to buy, but it sure is a nice decorative element for every house.


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