This 1-Year-Old Has the Perfect Friendship With a Giant Poodle

Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku

Babies and animals, especially pet animals, create some of the best friendships in life. They both don’t know how to communicate with words and their relationship is based on love, caring and hugging. In my opinion this is the most honest type of relationship and friendship that two creatures can have. No one is expected to badmouth the other and they have absolutely no reason to stab one another in the back. I mean, their food is different, so they won’t fight about that and everyone will show them the same amount of love, so no jealousy there.

Mame is the 1-year-old Japanese girl and Riku is her adorable giant poodle, who she spends her days with.

Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku

Mame’s grandmother is the mastermind behind the project and she has created an instagram account with the daily antivs of these two.

Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku

The funny part about their photos is that the grandmother dresses the poodle accordingly to Mame’s look and the two of them have matching outfits.

Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku

The poodle, even though it is giant, is very calm and allows the grandmother to dress it up.

Instagram | tamanegi.qoo.riku

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