This Girl Is A Self-Taught Cosplayer Whose Works Will Stun You!

Fron image by | itlookslikekilled


Cospalyers are some artists, who just love creating looks inspired by pop culture’s characters from movies, anime etc. Many of them, have shown their major detication to this by creating some that we can’t just ingore. One of them is polish girl named Justyna Sonsowska, also known as Sosenka. If you see her social media accounts you will understand that she is a true professional at it, even thought she is self-taught.

1. This is Sosenka.

Instagram | itlookslikekilled

2. This is also Sosenka, this time as Chatterer from Hellraiser.

Pretty unrecognisable right?

Instagram | itlookslikekilled

3. Captain Sosenka!

Instagram| itlookslikekilled

4. She makes such a cute Mad Hatter.

Instagram | itlookslikekilled

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