This Sick Dog Was Rescued from the Streets and Now She Is Back on Her Feet


One of the things that I will never understand is why people get dogs and later on throw them on the streets. An extension to that problem is why people treat animals violently and why the get satisfaction from seeing dogs beaten up and starving. In my eyes, being human means to respect all types of life, even the ones we cannot understand or feel close to. Animals were here first and we always seem to forget that. Have you ever thought that maybe we were born to keep them company instead of the opposite?


Kelsey is the starving dog that had parasites all over her body causing her to lose her fur.


A stranger saw Kelsey and managed to get her in her car and drive her to a vet’s office.


Kelsey was very kind towards her rescuers and seemed to understand that they wanted to help her.


She was on a very critical condition, but the doctors who worked with her were determined to save her life.


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