This Stick Promises To Help You Get Rid Off Blackheads!

YouTube | heyitsfeiii

Blackheads on your face are truly a nightmare! There are several products that promise to help you get rid of them. For example, I think everyone remembers that black peel off mask -that was indeed quite helpful- but very, I mean very painful. Lucky for us, a Japan company introduced a product that also helps you get rid of blackheads and this time it is in a stick form!

1. This is what the ‘magical’ stick looks like!

It is just like any other stick. But emoving your pores with it sounds like a waste of time, right?


2. The procedure is simple.

All you have to do is simply rub it on your nose.

YouTube | heyitsfeiii

3. And then let the miracle happen…

It really promises to give you instant results. After a while, it will start ”peeling off”.

YouTube | heyitsfeiii

This YouTuber tried this stick and her reaction is someting you need to see:

I believe that you have nothing to lose if you try this. Just remember that is the most painless way to get rid of blackheads.

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