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This Traveling Foodaholic Is Traveling the World and Tasting All Kinds of Food

 Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

You surely have heard of people who make ends meet by traveling and selling their pictures to big companies who publish them and earn back the money they spent. Travel and food bloggers are now earning huge money by traveling the world. Their sponsors usually pay all their expenses and expect to have profit from the exposure that the blogger’s photos will get and also from the advertising of their services from the blogger. Many people that don’t have the ability to follow that path professionally, choose to follow it in their free time and explore as many places and food choices as possible.

Lana, who is known as Traveling Foodaholic on Instagram, is a part-time food and travel blogger.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

She is a full-time Strategy Consultant and whenever she has free time she launches on her passion to discover more beautiful places and food to taste.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

Her journey started due to her love for food and desire to discover new and exciting places to eat.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

She never eats alone, since she believes that the best way to enjoy food is to share it with th best company.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

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