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This Traveling Foodaholic Is Traveling the World and Tasting All Kinds of Food

Having to explore a city for places to eat, means that she needs to explore the city itself first.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

Based on my personal experience, you can’t explore the food of a city if you don’t explore the city itself first.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

Starting her journey in 2015 when she was studying Finance in London, she has managed to evolve into a traveling foodie.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

Lana is now based in Dubai and is open to collaboration for anyone of you out there, who may wish to work with her.

Instagram | traveling_foodaholic

I envy you Lana. This is my absolute dream. I think I would be happy if I could do it half of the year and not as a full-time job, but I guess in order to achieve that I have to abandon what I do right now and focus on how to make that happen. Who knows? Maybe in the future I will give it a good try!

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