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In every year that goes by, we tend to find ourselves depending even more on our cellphone than we used to. Most of the younger people, don’t even remember how it is like to be depended on anything technology has to offer. The vast majority of us are addicted to our smartphones, live to post on social media and spend a big deal of our time taking selfies when we go out.

Of course, technology has its perks; It makes communication with our loved ones a piece of cake, even if they are living in the other side of the globe. It has also given people new professional opportunity and gives everyone a great access to an inconcievable amount of information.

However, we have all heard that the millenial generation is actually addicted to their smartphones and technology too much and that forbids them to experience the real interaction that they should be having. Those habits tend to create superficial and disensitized societies.

Many people claim that this kind of systems are failing, and for good reasons. The video below is picturing our technology dependent society ruled by social media and superficial values. Whether those points are exaggerated or not, this piece of art is very thought provoking.


YouTube | Moby

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