This Woman Is Taking Her Travel Pics Along With Her Chin

Instagram | chinventures


Are you worried that your instagram pictures are not pretty and trendy enough? Are you constantly gazing at other people’s images that are flawless and absoutely brilliant themed? Well, how would you react if I told you that ugly pictures were now a trend? I am sure that you would feel awesome and very lucky. Chinning is the new trend, that has people take pictures complimenting their chin. Actually, complimenting is not the right word, but what matters is that in this trend showing your chin and being as ugly as you can is the acceptable. If you still want to look pretty and flawless this is not your scene.

Michelle Liu, aka Chinchelle, aka chinventures is a woman who travels the world putting her chin first in her pictures.


Instagram | chinventures

Michelle is fighting back at the perfect beauty standards of instagram and social media pictures and she is doing a great job at it.

Instagram | chinventures

When people try to take a nice portrait in front of a famous landmark, Michelle takes the ugliest picture that you could imagine.

Instagram | chinventures

She started chinning in Middle school and continued the habit in high school and college and in 2016 she opened her instagram account about the habit.

Instagram | chinventures

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