This Woman Lost 169 Pounds and Is a Completely Different Person

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

Most people would easily name drugs, alcohol and smoking as addictive things, but leave food out. They don’t realize that for many people eating is a huge problem and no matter how much they try to stop the habit they just can’t. It starts as a habit or a compulsion, but later turns out to be an addiction. Like all addicts they give most of their money to support their habit and they can’t stop it until someone else interferes and helps them solve the problem.

24-year-old Kaylee Bonnett has been overweight her entire life and in high school she weighted 300 pounds. 


The heaviest she’s ever been is 481 pounds and her weight has always taken a toll to her self-esteem and her ability to make friends.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

She was constantly worrying about whether chairs would fit her and if she would sweat if she walked from here to there.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

Her life was a constant struggle and all she could do is try to look nice and not too repellent to people.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

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