This Woman Lost 169 Pounds and Is a Completely Different Person

In her early twenties, she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with extreme blood pressure.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

Her doctors advised her to change her lifestyle, otherwise she would suffer a heart attack or a stroke.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

Her will to live made her take the difficult decision to have gastric bypass surgery and turn her life around.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

Her transformation is tremendously visible and she has really made a progress so that her life now gets to normal.

Instagram | fatgirlfitness_rny

She still has a long way to go and she is not stopping here. If you follow her on Instagram you will see that she continues the efforts for a slimmer and more fit body and right now she weights 235 lbs from her original 481 lbs.

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