Tips You Should Know Before Booking a Ticket for the Holidays


Thankgiving is up ahead and after that Christmas will arrive before we can even realize it. This means that if you are far away from your family, you should start planning your trip to your hometown. Both vacation periods can and will be super crowded at the airport and you should think ahead of time, so that you save money and time. If you thought that visiting the airline’s website was the best choice for you, I am afraid that you were doing it wrong this whole time.

1. Google flight is unanimously the best search engine for the best flight deals, since it will find you the cheapest ticket there is. 


2. Another perfect website for flight deals is The Flight DealNo one pays overly expensive tickets here.


3. Based on a search conducted by Google flights, November 17, 22 and 26 have the highest search volume, so you might want to avoid them.


4. If you are flying from one of the busiest airports, you should plan your time generously, since you don’t want to see your plane leaving without you.


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