Tombstones of People Who Chose to Stay Funny Even In the Afterlife


Just because death is a sad event for the relatives and friends of a person, it doesn’t mean that it is equally sad for the person itself. Some people treat death like a curse they can’t get rid of and some others treat it with open arms. When you know that the end is near and you can’t do anything about it, you have to do something and make your last moments pleasant to you and your loved ones. Being depressed all the time is not making anything better, so creating smiles around you might be a good choice.

1. The world will care for you if they see you as a hero, but if they start seeing you as a gay guy the word hero doesn’t even cross their minds.


2. This is a little too late to remind people of that, man or woman. Although, it is nice to see you taking a funny spin in this sad part of your afterlife.


3. There’s no shame in being an atheist or being dressed up for no reason whatsoever.


4. How simpler can someone state that? I guess, this person’s friends and family will realise it sooner if seeing that tombstone every day.


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