Town in Iceland Slows Down Speeding Cars With 3D Zebra Crosswalk


We’ve all lived the terror of a car driver running through a crosswalk without even turning their eye to see if there is a person ready to cross the road. This is one of the awful things that car drivers do, showing absolutely no concern about the rest of the people. That’s why a small fish town in Iceland, called Ísafjörður, decided to take action against reckless drivers and paint a 3D zebra crosswalk on the street in order to make them reduce their speed when passing by the central road.

The city council decided to paint the one side of the crossroads in an effort to reduce traffic in the narrow street.


The road is very popular amongst cars and pedestrians and during busy hours cars will hardly stop for pedestrians to walk through.


Ralf Trylla, an environmental commissioner, came up with the idea after noticing a similar project in New Delhi, India.


He was searching for a long time ways to slow down traffic and luckily for him and pedestrians he found the solution.


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