TV’s Grumpiest Characters Who Most Certainly Hated Humans


You must have heard the phrase ”I am a people’s person” and that applies to more humans than you can imagine. Those people try to stay away from other humans and  interact with them as less as possible. They are usually forced to interact with them at work (they have to work for their money), but when they go back home they close the door behind them and don’t let anyone, but a few chosen people to get in.

1. April Ludgate is my absolute favorite, when it comes to people whose natural face expression was frowning and really hated talking to people.


2. Heather from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the example of a grumpy person, who doesn’t really care about making a bunch of friends and even avoids human contact.


3. Who can forget the unforgettable Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation? It must be the only show, where two main characters were grumps.


4. Sue Sylvester may have been one of the most evil and realistically bad people that ever passed from TV’s comedy series.


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