These Twin Sisters Accepted Their Hair And Became Famous For Them!

Collage by Instagram | tk_wonder

Twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder are two women that every time they walk down the street heads are turning and looking at them. Their hair is huge and after many years of being ashamed of it, now they are proud and famous for it!

1. You can see that the girls have plenty of hair even from that very early age.

Instagram | tk_wonder

2. Cipriana has said that some time ago she really hated her hair and saw it as a huge obstacle.

Instagram | tk_wonder

3. After a huge period of straightening their hair, they decide to embrace it’s super afro nature.

Instagram | ciprianaquann

4. Their hair is the reason why they became famous and have a career in fashion.

Instagram | tk_wonder

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