Two Quick And Easy Buns For Your Everyday Outings!

Collage by Samantha Wilkinson | Hairstylism


Now that summer is officially here and we are already soaking wet from the sweat, we need to find easy and trendy ways to keep our long hair out of our way and our face. Here are two extremely easy to make buns that will make your life a lot easier!


First, you need to apply a dry shampoo to your roots, so that the hair sticks together and does not fall apart.

YouTube | NAT + LIV

Then, you take a comb and comb your hair to the back just to secure them together.

YouTube | NAT + LIV

This is where the magic begins. Take a hair band and wrap it around your hair the way shown in the video!

YouTube | NAT + LIV

Olivia Pierson’s quick buns tutorial!

Piece of cake, right? And the most important thing is that you don’t need to spend hours in front of your mirror to achieve the perfect look! Olivia has figured everything out for you!


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