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Unpaid Zara Factory Workers Hide Notes Inside Clothing Asking For Help


It is not the first time that clothing company Zara makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. There have been many instances in the past, where Zara was accused of stealing other artists’ artwork and placed it on their clothing. They got away with it in all cases, since they never stole from some huge artist with millions of followers and dollars in the bank. This time, the huge clothing company is attracting our attention after some unpaid factory workers inserted notes about their condition into the clothing that was distributed to stores around the world.

The fashion company has been accused in the past for anti-semitic shirts, alt-right shirts and using thin models for their ‘love your curves’ campaign.


This time, factory workers are accusing the company for not paying them for their work for several months.


Shoppers would find inside their clothing strategically placed notes that read ‘I made this item you are going to buy, but didn’t get paid for it’.


The notes made their appearance in Istanbul, Turkey, where Zara’s third-party manufacturer Bravo Texstil is based.


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