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Unpaid Zara Factory Workers Hide Notes Inside Clothing Asking For Help

Two months ago, a petition started from unpaid textile workers against Bravo, that also creates clothing for Mango and Next.


A former Bravo employee states in July 2016 the company’s boss disappeared and left 155 people without jobs and their previously earned wages.


The workers state that ”We have all laboured for Zara/Inditex, Next, and Mango for years. We made these brands’ products with our own hands, earning huge profits for them”.


Inditex—the owner of Zara and seven other brands—said that it’s currently working on a hardship fund to assist the employees impacted by the factory owner’s disappearance.


This is not just a problem that Zara created, but it sure is a problem that Inditex chose to ignore. When the people that are high in the chain start earning huge amounts of money, they start caring about a few unpaid workers. They are maybe confused and think that slavery is still in use.

What do you think?

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