What Life Feels Like When Living With Your Girlfriend!

Front image by | jude_devir

Moving in with your girlfriend is a major step in ones relationship, as it gets challenged by many things. However, if you truly love someone you wouldn’t might if they are a little mesy or too clingy, right? Love oversees such details. Yehuda Ali Deviris a comic artist and character designer, whose life with wife is completely not normal. This is why he created hilariously realistic comics about living together with his wife. You will totally relate to these if you live with your partner!

1. When he bites his nails;

Instagram | jude_devir

2. Haircuts are a true nightmare for women.

Instagram | jude_devir

3. You only took one ship!

Instagram | jude_devir

4. Mrs. snuggles

Instagram | jude_devir

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