Woman Captured Her Entire Pregnancy Taking the Funniest Photos Possible

Instagram | mayavorderstrasse

I haven’t experienced pregnancy, but like most people I have been very close to someone who has. Some women will tell you that pregnancy was hell for them, with daily morning sickness and weird food cravings. Some others will tell you that they didn’t feel a thing and their pregnancy was very quiet and the last group of women will tell you that pregnancy was a dream that they can’t wait to revisit. I don’t know which group to believe, since every case is different, but I will choose to believe my mom, who says that pregnancy is a gift.

Maya Vorderstrasse is a motherhood blogger, who decided to document her pregnancy in the funniest way possible.

Instagram | mayavorderstrasse

Maya presents in a very simple way what it means to be pregnant, from unexpected cravings to swollen feet.

Instagram | mayavorderstrasse

When the baby is playing with your gall bladder like it is a chew toy, you don’t need to wear pants, since the bathroom is the place you spend most of your time in.

Instagram | mayavorderstrasse

You never tell a woman that she is hormonal and hysterical, unless you want something unpleasant happen to you.

Instagram | mayavorderstrasse

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