Woman Creates Photoshopped Images of Herself Before and After Losing 150 lbs


For some people eating is not just an enjoyment and a vital thing to do. For them, eating is a disease that they have to face and overcome. Beth Beard was once a seriously overweight woman, who one day decided to do something and change her life. She decided to lose the weight and start fresh. She gave herself a new lease on life and she made sure that she would make her effort an example for all these people out there who face the same problems like her.

Two years ago, Beth decided to undergo bypass surgery in order to lose all the extra weight.


Her friend Blake Morrow, who is a photographer and pop culture lover, helped her make a project called ‘Beth Project.


Two weeks before Beth went into surgery, she and Blake took twelve ‘before’ pictures with Beth dressed as famous pop culture figures.


Two years after Beth finished with her transformative weight loss, she went back in the studio with Blake to take the ‘after’ photos.


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