World’s Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors You Need To Try At Least Once!

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Summer might be over, but who said you have to stop eating ice cream? In today’s day and age you are able to find ice cream in any time of the year and, of course, in any flavor! What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate? Vanilla? Those flavors are too common so why not try out new ones, for example have you ever tested lobster flavored ice cream? If not, then there is always a first time for evetything. 

1. Fireweed and honey flavored ice cream.

It looks delicious.

Pinterest | Kira Sepelak

2. Sweet corn ice cream.


3. Vietnamese coffee with almonds and peanut butter curry.

This might be the only odd flavor that I wanna try.

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4. Champagne and violet ice cream.


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