Yay or Nay? Parents Dyeing Their Kids’ Hair

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There are many opinions about whether parents should be allowed to dye their kids’ hair or not. Many celebrities have done it, but of course that doesn’t make it okay. My opinion is somewhere in the middle, but we don’t all have to agree on the matter.


1. Since the dye does not have an impact on their health, there is no obvious reason to say ‘nay’.

Facebook | Natalie Shaw

2. The hair color is nothing compared to the ideas that a parent can offer to their children.

Facebook | Erica Malone

3. If a kid wants to express herself/himself this way, then why say ‘no’ if it’s not damaging at all? 

Facebook | Sarah Taylor

4. It’s important even for kids to know that they control their decisions and make their own choices.

Facebook | Hailey Rose

What do you think?

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