Yayoi Kusama’s Minimalistic Work Will Now Be Available in a Museum in Japan


When I saw this article about Yayoi Kusama opening her own museum in Japan, the first thing I said is ‘Who is that woman?’. After I searched her online I found out how ignorant I was to not know her name, when I was already aware of her work. If you have been fascinated by art, it is impossible to not be aware of Yayoi’s work, since her artistic signature is one of the most unique in the recent history of art. If you plan to visit Japan in the next few months, be sure to check out her museum.

Yayoi Kusama started paintings with polka dots and nets as motifs from the early age of ten. 


After a huge career in the art field, she decided to open her own museum in Tokyo in October 2017.


The purpose of the museum is to honor Yayoi’s work by promoting and exhibitioning her artworks.


Yayoi is most known for her mirror room installations, that are impossible not to amaze even the less art enthusiasts.


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