10 Exotic Flowers From Around the Globe


Nature laughs through beautiful and colourful flowers. Flowers express deep emotions and also work as stress-busters. Apart from that, they are the most popular gifts which are given on any occasion and to anyone. Flowering plants can be broadly classified into two categories – endemic and exotic. Endemic are the ones which can be grown only in a certain type of geographical condition. While exotic are the unique ones which are native to certain land but when introduced to a foreign ecosystem, they adapt and flourish. For their adaptability, these exotic flowers are much in demand and are used profusely in event decorations and fancy flower arrangements.

Here Is A List Of 15 Most Beautiful Exotic Flowers Found Across The Globe:


The tulip is a member of the lily family, Liliaceae. The popularity of this flower threatens that of roses. The word “tulip” comes from a Persian word meaning turban. These bulbous flower are native to the band stretching from Southern Europe to Central Asia. They symbolize endurance, perfect love, prosperity, abundance, and royalty. In bunches, bouquets, and box/vase/basket arrangements – these flowers are heart winners.


This is one of the most interesting looking exotic flowers in the world. It originally belongs to Mexico & Argentina. Anthuriums are popular wedding decoration flowers and are also found in basket arrangements. They are available in red, white, and pink colours and in general, they symbolize hospitality, abundance, and happiness.

Birds of Paradise:

The original name is Strelitzia and it is a native of South Africa. In South Africa, it is also known as Crane Flower and features in their 50 cent coin. This stunning and dreamy flower symbolizes magnificence, freedom, optimism, royalty, paradise on earth, success, and faithfulness. As an anniversary gift, you may opt for this flower.


Belonging to the Eastern Mediterranean (from the south of Turkey through to northern part of the region of Palestine), this flower symbolizes sincerity. Available in purple, yellow, white, and red colours, this flower often accentuates the beauty of mixed floral arrangements.


Originally amaryllis belongs to the tropical lands like the Caribbean, South Africa or islands in the South Seas, but they can be found all over the world, except for Antarctica. It is grown from bulbs and each plant produces two to five flowers which stay in bloom for an average of six weeks. This unique exotic flower symbolizes pride, antiquity, strength, and self-confidence.

Calla Lily:

Calla Lily is a native of South Africa. In the Christian religion, it symbolizes faith and purity. It also symbolizes liveliness, the innocence of youth, rebirth, and overwhelming beauty. For decorating home during Easter or Christmas, this flower is mostly used.


Lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam. The scientific name is Nelumbo nucifera and the other names are Sacred Lotus or Bean of India. Lotus has quite a widespread native distribution ranging from Central & Northern India through Northern Indo-China & East Asia with isolated locations of the Caspian Sea. Without this flower, Durga Puja is not completed. Lotus symbolizes purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.

Lily of the valley:

Lily of the valley is a highly poisonous woodland flowering plant which has sweet-scented and bell-shaped white flowers. The native regions stretch throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe. It symbolizes a return to happiness, purity, humbleness, chastity, happiness, and luck.

Ecuadorian Roses:

As the name suggests, these special roses are native to Ecuador. Roses have a large variety but these ones growing in Ecuador are touted to have the best quality in the world. They are appealing to the eyes for their big size and unlike other varieties of roses, they last longer and smell stronger. You will find some mesmerising varieties of Ecuadorian Roses at Ferns N Petals.


These flowers look quite similar to the roses and the bright and big white petals emit a soothing fragrance. If you have a gardenia flower blooming at your place, then, the fragrance may travel up to two next doors also. It belongs to Asia and is most commonly found growing wild in China, Vietnam, Korea, Myanmar, Taiwan, India, and Japan. They induce better sleep apart from being a symbol of purity, love, innocence, protection, and self-reflection.

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