10 Hair Hacks You Should Never Ignore


If you type the words “hair hacks” on the YouTube search bar you will see that many results appear before your screen. But, are they all good? Some of them, yes, but some others are not so good or helpful as a matter of fact. I have found, what I believe to be, the best hair hacks video and I would like to share with you its tremendously useful tips.


1. Brushing your brushes and cleaning them from time to time is an extremely important task.

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2. Stop rubbing your hair with towels. Rinse them and pat them with a dry t-shirt!


3. If you braid your hair often, don’t use a rubber band, but a super elastic material, even a cloth piece.

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4. If your favorite lipstick is on its last leg, then you can push it out the tube and save it in a smaller container. 

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5. You can easily turn your favorite eyeshadow into a lipstick by adding vaseline.

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6. Cleaning your brush will be much easier once you use a pair of scissors or a simple pen.


Use your tube of chapstick to tame your flyaways

YouTube | Tati

Use dish sponges to curl up your hair.


10 hair hacks you should know about

Treating your hair the right way is not an easy thing. It’s way more scientific than we thought and giving some of your time for them is necessary.


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