10 Heartbreaking Pics Of Overworked Doctors Are Going Viral, Proving That They Too Have Human Limits


As the number of people testing positive for coronavirus is skyrocketing around the globe, with more than 35K confirmed in the US alone, tragic milestones are hit daily. Death tolls in Italy have reached 5,476, while Spain has been hit with 1,813 losses. It’s now clear that curbing the pandemic will take a full-blown battle.

And medical workers are now fighting on the front line. The heartbreaking pictures below serve as living proof of what’s happening behind the emergency doors. From eternal shifts that leave their faces severely bruised to working without proper equipment and risking lives—the sacrifice is overwhelming. While you scroll through the pictures, take a moment to think about these heroes and thank them.


Face After 13 Hours ICU Work

“I don’t love selfies. Yesterday, though, I took this photo. After 13 hours in ICU. I am not a hero. I am a normal person


Nurse After Hours Of Work In Intensive Care


I’ve Been A Critical Care Nurse For 13 Years, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like What Is Happening Now In Our Healthcare System. It Is Beyond Overwhelming

“Not only are all of us fighting to survive the contagion itself, we are fighting for protection from an industry that failed to adequately prepare us for this pandemic. Everyone is scrambling. Our skills and expertise are being put to the test in every way imaginable right now. And it’s only just getting started.”


Faces Of Medical Workers After A Long Shift Of Treating Coronavirus Patients – A Czech Doctor

“We can’t anymore. We don’t sleep, we don’t eat”


This Is What You Look Like After Wearing An N95 Mask All Day. We Don’t Have Enough Of Anything. Help Us Help You


Just Finished A 12 Hour Shift Swabbing Symptomatic Covid19 Patients At Our Drive Thru Testing Site In Cleveland. We Collectively Swabbed 629


This Is An Anesthesiologist, Dr. John Henao, Who Is Running Out Of Ppe (Personal Protective Equipment) At His Hospital

“He, like most of us, are currently working under the assumption that most people are Covid19 positive and asymptomatic, but in order to save our dwindling supplies of PPE, are only using them for known cases of Covid19. In order to safely intubate all patients he had to jerry rig his own gear. He put on a CO2 sampling nasal cannula. He then put on a regular old plastic bag on over his head with a seal (you can see he taped it tightly around his neck). He ran the oxygen at 10 L/min. He sampled his CO2 to monitor. He did this for 10 min (long enough to intubate a patient). THIS is what we have to do because we have no PPE. I am horrified. I cannot even begin to know if this is safe and cannot recommend it. But, sure, we’ll be safe with bandanas, scarves, and homemade cloth masks. (That, folks, is sarcasm). For my friends who are fellow physicians, please be safe, and for those of you who are not, please call or tweet or write your elected officials to demand that we are given adequate equipment in order to treat you safely”


My Battle Scars

“Life as a front line during this period ain’t easy, to be honest it sucks. You kiss your love ones good bye before heading to “war zone”. U wear every level of protection needed to ensure u do not be contacted with any of this virus and to not bring the virus back to the loved ones at home. You wear face shield/ goggles / N95 some even wear PAPR at work, trust me it ain’t easy to breath wearing any of those (N95 & PAPR) and with all that protection on, u work quick and fast, catching your breath with every step u make because LIVE MATTERS. After finishing your shift sweaty with tiredness, aching back, sore calf, painful ankles. you found out that not only your Annual Leaves are frozen, you are not even allowed to leave the country as a front line staff and worst of all is when you have to cancel your wedding reception because both you and your significant other are front liners and you both are needed to fight the “war” because LIVE MATTERS. Now after work I shower and wear back your uniform with pride, u take public transportation just to go home and rest because tomorrow is another for “war” but when u board the train or bus. People say u bring germs/ virus with u, that u are infecting other people and that u are INCONSIDERATE but u just be quite and leave the train or bus because u are tired after work to explain ur situation. Now u tell us how are we suppose to feel or react? Are we not human like everyone else? Don’t we have love ones too? Don’t we wish to go on a holiday too? All got to say is, I am a front line staff and this is my story.”


Nurses Take Off Their Face Masks After A Grueling Shift In Fight With Novel Coronavirus


Dr. Joy Vink Is On The Frontline Of NYC’s Battle With Covid-19, But Without Access To Proper Personal Protective Gear

“She’s has no choice but to “get creative.” Forget face shields – she is working in SWIM GOGGLES…our Health Care Heroes deserve better”

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