100-Year Old Corona Virus Patient Fully Recovered and Was Discharged From Hospital


A 100-year-old man in Italy, who had been diagnosed with coronavirus, was cured and discharged on Wednesday night. The 100-year-old was hospitalized at the Rimini hospital on the Adriatic coast. Gloria Lizzie, the city’s deputy mayor in Italy, told AFP today.

“I have friends who work at the local hospital with whom I talk at night when we finish our shift,” she said. “The other day I was told that a gentleman, born in 1919, was hospitalized because he was positive for Covid-19. This gentleman was in good spirits and quickly became the mascot of the hospital, “continued Rimini’s deputy mayor.


“Last night they called me to tell me that this gentleman was out of the hospital. In the times we live in it is always good to give little hope, ”she concluded.

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