12 Beautiful Minds That Had Serious Drug Addictions

9. Aleister Crowley was deep into occult and heroin use and other recreational drugs sinked him even deeper. He wrote his experiences of drug use in the book Diary of a Drug Friend.


10. Jazz legend Miles Davis was addicted to heroin for many years until it started to affect his playing. He then locked himself into a room and kicked the habit cold turkey.


11. Author Truman Capote was brilliant in his work and also a serious drug addict. His addictions increased thoughout his life. When he died, multiple drugs were found in his system.


12. Andy Warhol has left his mark on this world with his paintings. In order to stay focused and endure many hours without stopping, he was taking an Adderall-type of drug.


Let’s just say it plain and simple ‘They were all serious addicts and junkies’. Nothing about their brilliant minds and decorated career make their addictions less worse and harmful. Drug use is nothing to be proud about, even if you are so important and brilliant like these guys.


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