12 Girls Rocking Their Mothers’ Prom Dresses


Proms are the most important event of an american teenager’s life. It’s the event that ends the school period and launches the start of a new, independent and adult life. This is why the dress you are going to pick is of utmost importance. You don’t want a perfect prom dress just to be picture-perfect, but also to show everyone who you are and how much you value yourself and your future.

1. Luckily, this dress doesn’t look one tiny bit outdated and old. It has this vintage magic that we all like.

2. Another dress that no one could say that it’s old and out of today’s fashion.


3. Okay, this one shows its age and it’s older fashion style, but it’s still very cute!

4. Now this is a dress that no one could ever tell you that it is old and outdated. It is just maginificent!

5. So precious!

Facebook | Donna Thurau-Smith

6. Some vintage dresses never go old and outdated. This one is living proof of that belief.

Instagram | lyssyroo14

7. Now that colorful vintage dresses are back in fashion, this girl should feel like the most trendy girl in the room.

Instagram | cicelylbooty

8. Yep, I see the huge difference. The hand gloves should never be omitted young lady.

9. A little ‘remodeling’ never harmed anyone. In this case, it was absolutely essential.

10. I know people who would spend a month’s pay for a dress like this and they can’t find one anywhere.

11. Why do I feel like this is a still from a vampire movie? Maybe it’s the red or maybe the dark eyes.

Facebook | Mindy Miner

12. This one doesn’t seem old at all! This girl took an old dress and turned into a sexy, modern piece.

It’s very cute seeing mother’s keeping their prom dresses so that their daughters can wear them 15 or 20 years later. It’s very touching!