12 Mermaid Hair Colors That Will Light up Your Life


We’ve all known and loved mermaids as kids. We admired their beauty and charm, not only because they were airless, charming beings, but also because of their bright coloured hair. Now it is time to get a small piece of this charm by dying your hair like mermaids. The result will not last you for a very long time, but the happy effects of the hair will show immediately.


1. And this is what most people would call beautiful hair.

Instagram | vpfashion

2. This haircolour and hairstyle will definitely make you look like a mermaid.

Pinterest | т a ι n a ♡

3. A darker toned color that’s still uplifting.


4. Perfect look for summer festivals.

Instagram | hairbykaseyoh

5. A great way to show off your mermaid hair is to do a half hair bun on top of your head.

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6. Don’t you just love how subtle this one is?

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7. French braids on mermaid hair are pure perfection.

Pintrerest | Lisa Pieren

8. A braided crown will be a nice choice as well.

Pinterest | Mel Bernardin

9. Various different hues and curls.

Instagram | liz.colors

10. Contrasting colors is a bold choice only for the most brave.

Instagram | hairlizard

11. Keep the largest part of your hair one color and dye only a small part in mermaid colors.

Instagram | haileymahonehair

12. A sunset-like look that will definitely call all the attention on your head.

Instagram | notanothersalon

Mermaid hair may not be a raging trend right now, but its influences of fashion and each one of us individually will remain present for the rest of our lives. Mermaids may not be real bu,t they sure are creatures that all kids get attached to and this attachment grows on them.


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