8 Fashion Trends That Made Absolutely No Sense!

Instagram | princess_riga

To be honest with you, I am sick and tired with fashion and beauty trends that take the world by storm and make women do awful things on their face and body. This stupidity should stop and I think that these 8 ex-trends will make you think the same thing.

1. Rainbow was everywhere this past year and hair roots did not stay out of this trend.

Instagram | hair.styles.etc

2. Is it just me thinking that or are women trying to find different ways to cover their dyed roots?

Instagram | gemmarollinsfacepainting

3. Is there anything that women won’t color? Even their eyebrows? This is so ridiculous!

Instagram | mashatkachenko_anischenko

4. Lip plumbing is probably one of the most stupid and useless trends that so many women fell for.

Instagram | fullipsthailand_office

What do you think?

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