8 Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

Dogs are people’s best friends. This is a saying that many people have and I totally agree with them. Dogs are the most friendly and loving animals on the planet. They also feel the responsibility to protect their owners and that’s why the police has chosen them as their associates in potential crime scenes. Their sense of odor is great and they will listen to you like soldiers listen to their chief. Let’s see 9 adorable puppies on their first day of work with the police!

1. Now what?


2. I’m here now

It is only his first day, but he seems to have really gotten the gist of his work.


3. So tired

Even if you are the toughest guy ever, when you go to sleep to look like an angel.


4. Putting on the vest


5. Tuco is a cutie

Maybe the vest should be a little smaller…


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