8 Surprising Things That Could Be Making Your Hair Greasy


Greasy hair is a very common problem that many women come across in their every day lives. Being one of these women, I know that there are a few facts that are contributing to the creation and continuation of the issue. It is not just the natural state of your hair and skin, but also a few things that we are doing without even noticing. 


1. Touching your hair too often with your hands results in transferring oils from your fingers to your strands.


2. If you are washing your hair 1-2 times a day, stop right now! Overwashing is harming the PH of your hair.


3. Conditioning is key to good hair, but only if applied correctly and if it is the right type for your hair.


4. Brushing your hair too much can stimulate the production of oil on your scalp.


5. If your hairbrush is full of dirt, it will transfer parts of that dirt to your hair making it feel dirty.


6. A brush full of hair will only transfer greasiness to your clean, freshly washed hair.


7. Apply products that you know are perfect for your hair type. Don’t use just anything on your head.


8. Scalp detoxing and exfoliation are vital for keeping your hair healthy and less greasy. 


If you stop doing these things it does not mean that your problem will be fixed immediately. Give it a little time and you will see a big difference!


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