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    A Deaf and Half-Blind Dog Protected a Little Girl That Was Lost in the Woods

    We’ve heard many stories about dogs that have acted in the most brave and selfless manner and have put their humans first. In this case, a 17-year-old blue heeler from Queensland, Australia wandered off with a 3-year-old girl and disappeared in a wooded area. As hours went by and the girl was still missing, police started to search for her, but it was already dark and their efforts were fruitless. The next morning, the girl’s grandmother, who was on the search team, heard her granddaughter’s voice. When she got to the top of the mountain, Max, the family’s dog, found her and led her to the little girl.

    This is Max, the 17-year-old blue heeler that is deaf and half-blind

    Facebook | kelly.benston

    Isn’t he the cutest?

    This is Aurora and the search team that spent hours searching for her


    I can’t imagine how her family must have felt during this time.

    The girl was finally driven to safety after her grandmother found her with the help of Max


    Thank God!

    Max had spent the entire time protecting and keeping Aurora warm


    Let’s all applause this unsung hero!

    Despite a couple of scratches, Aurora was in perfect health


    This dog really protected her.

    Max was declared a honorary police dog by the local police department

    Facebook | kelly.benston

    As he should be.

    As expected, many people commented on Max’s heroic action

    Facebook | kelly.benston

    Honestly, I have no words.

    This is Queensland’s Police Department’s announcement

    Twitter | qldpolice

    Dogs are perfect examples of loyalty and they prove all the time that they are really man’s best friend. Not only that, but they are man’s protector.

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    Magical Places That Look Like They Popped Out of a Wes Anderson Film

    Wes Anderson is one of the few filmmakers in Hollywood right now that gives huge emphasis on the surroundings and the colors. His style is very retro, with a touch of vintage and the addition of the entire color palette. His movies are an eye-gasm for our eyes and his story lines are just as pleasant as their set-up. Luckily, his films are not the only places that we can enjoy colorful victorian buildings with antique furniture. There are many buildings around the world that look exactly like Wes Anderson’s set-ups and for that we are grateful.


    Instagram | johnnyhifi

    The New Windsor Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.



    Lake Shore Place in Chicago.



    Stadtbad Lichtenberg in Berlin, Germany.


    YouTube | Berlyn Media

    Eastern Columbia House in Los Angeles.



    Gold Crest Motel Wildwood Crest in New Jersey.



    Grand Hotel Europa in Prague, Czech Republic.



    Husavik Lighthouse in Husavik, Iceland.



    National Tobacco Company in Napier, New Zealand.


    Pinterest | pin

    C14 Metro Car in Stockholm, Sweden.



    Central Fire Station in Marfa, Texas.



    Tower Theatre in Roseville, California.



    Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India.

    I think we can all agree that these places look like they popped out of a fairytale and the fact that we have the ability to visit each and every one of them makes my life a lot more hopeful.

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    Artist Imagines How Social Media Would Look Like If They Were Deserted Motels

    Let’s talk about social media. Would you consider deleting your accounts and staying off this world for a while? This is one challenge that we should all accept and actually follow the #deletefacebook movement that has made its appearance a while now. Social media, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter may be huge now, creating the fake need to be a part of them, but there will a time in the future when they will crumble. This is exactly how digital artist Mike Campau imagined them. He envisioned a future time when social media platforms are going to look like abandoned motels with nothing but their sign left to see. So, will you choose to be in the bubble when it break or will you keep one foot out just in case?



    Digital artist Mike Campau has named his series ‘ANTISOCIAL’.



    The images create a deeply horror image, reminding us of Hitchcock’s Psycho.



    Each place is an empty parking lot, where millions of people used to gather.



    A large space that was once seen and filled by many is consciously ignored now.



    The psychological and sociological effects of social media on humans are still to be fully studied.



    Social media are like huge parking lots where you can go and feel like you are being seen by those passing by.



    They are just a source of validation that has nothing to do with real life.



    Unfortunately, social media is like putting on a sign that reads ”Look at me, look at me!”.

    Mike is a very successful digital artist who has wokred for large companies like Nike, Apple, Asics, Sony and so many more. You can check out more of his projects on his website and his Behance.

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    Some of the Most Common Travel Scams That You Should Be Aware of

    Traveling abroad can be very tricky and confusing sometimes, since there is the language barrier (most of the times) and the fact that you don’t really know how one city or country operates. This is where scammers make their appearance and try to make profit off your lack of knowledge and innocence. Just keep in mind that you should never give your bank card or passport details to anybody through the phone or someone who approaches you on the street and demands to see your papers. If they demand to see your papers, you must demand to see theirs first.

    1. Buying fake or stolen goods


    People with stolen or fake goods will approach you at some corner and give you a special discount for something that they will tell you costs twice their price. It won’t come as a shock of you learn that these goods are stolen or fake.

    2. Taking taxis for your transportation


    The trick that every taxi driver plays on tourists is not putting the meter in operation and charging whatever they want. They will also choose the longest drive possible in order to charge you more. So, if hopping on a taxi make sure that the meter is on and if not demand that it is.

    3. Buying cheap stuff in higher prices


    Most often in souvenir shops sellers will give you prices twice and three times more of the deserved amount. Keeping that in mind and playing hard to get, they will keep lowering the price to the amount that the goods actually deserve.

    4. Not buying tickets from the official sellers


    Buying scalped tickets may result in being denied at the venue you want to attend. So, rule number one: always buy your tickets from the official sellers.

    5. Fake reception call


    If anyone says they call you from the reception and asks you for your card pin or any other bank account details, just hang up and inform the hotel desk. It is most definitely a scam.

    6. People trying to befriend you only to steal from you


    A random person or persons might approach you and try to befriend you. They will start asking questions about where you’re staying and what’s your schedule. What they really want to know is when you won’t be home to break in and steal your money and valuables.

    7. A stranger asking to make a call from your phone


    This scenario will either end with this person taking your phone and making a run for it or making a call to some foreign country and charging you with hundreds of dollars.

    8. A ‘kind’ person will offer to take your group photo


    There’s a reason why selfie sticks are so useful. You can take a group photo with no extra help. Giving your phone to a stranger might result in them grabing the phone and disappearing with it.

    When you are on a strange land, you have to be careful of those who are looking to rip you off. Scammers are everywhere, expecting the right moment and the right victim and you certainly don’t want to be the one who they put their eyes and hands on.

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    Controversial and Shocking Fails of Celebrities on Stage

    In a previous article we’ve remembered some of the scariest and funniest falls on stage. In this one, we will go back in time and see once again some of the most glorious and controversial fails that celebrities have had while performing on stage. In this instance we feel more free to laugh at their expense, since they did were not injured, only humiliated in front of thousands of people and while cameras were recording. These are moments that they would probably want to erase from their memory and everyone else’s memories, but thankfully enough copies have been made to last forever.



    Tay Tay had a Marilyn Monroe moment, but not in such a glorious and sexy way.



    Jennifer Lawrence fell while walking the stairs to receive her Oscar. She then fell again the following year while arriving at the theatre. Maybe JLaw should start watching the Oscars from home?



    Katy Perry’s jump on the cake was in the concept, but her tumbling on the floor wasn’t.



    When Madonna made Drake want to puke after kissing him with what we guess involved too much tongue and saliva.


    YouTube | VIVID WORLD

    Fergie let herself go a little bit since she didn’t have time to take a bathroom break.



    Justin Bieber puked on stage after drinking milk before his performance. At least that’s what he claimed.



    Ariana Grande was accidentally hit by a Victoria Secret angel’s wing and she handled it nicely!



    At last, the most epic fail of them all will forever be the Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke VMA performance.

    Things happen unexpectedly when someone performs live and you must be able to handle whatever happens and if not then you are just a human being. The thing is that your fail will always stay is people’s minds and on their computers.

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    The Real Reason Why Brides in the Western World Wear White Wedding Dresses

    Two of the most important rules of a wedding in the western world is that only the bride is allowed to wear white and that nobody else should choose that color. We’ve always thought that the reason behind this choice is to indicate that the bride is pure and sexually inactive. True or not, brides nowadays continue to follow this trend, which is based on their religious beliefs. Well, I am very sorry to inform all of you Christians out there that there is nothing to support the idea that white indicates purity and virginity. The reason this fashion trend begun is a lot different from what you think and I believe that your world will be shook after reading this.

    1. The Bible says nothing about white wedding dresses


    In the Bible weddings are presented more as a contract, where the families of the married couple benefit economically. There is no mention to wedding dresses and even more the reason of that choice.

    2. The Babylonians had a marriage market


    One of the most ancient civilisations treated weddings as auctions sales, where the young girls were sold to the highest bidder and were supposed to produce as many children as possible. White wedding dresses were nowhere to be found or mentioned.

    3. White dresses were only worn by wealthy girls


    White clothing was very expensive back in time and women were struggling to keep it clean. When a woman was wearing white at her wedding, it was meant to convey the wealth of her family and not purity.

    4. Color choices vary in different parts of the world


    Easters brides wear red at their wedding as a sign of good luck, life and celebration. Also, many weddings in Africa are very colorful and white is the only color that they don’t include.

    5. Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress a trend when she married in 1840


    Queen Voctoria might not have been the first to wear white at her wedding, but she was the one that turned it into a trend. She also banned each and every one of her guests to wear white at her wedding.

    6. Queen Victoria wasn’t the first to wear white at her wedding


    There are many known cases of women wearing white at their wedding, including Princess Philippa of England back in 1406 and their choice had nothing to do with the expression of purity and religion.

    7. The Queen’s choice was made to support the handmade lace industry

    Pinterest | Norma Saunders

    The lace parts of her wedding dress cost 1000 pounds and 200 people worked until the completion of it for 9 months. The workers were grateful to her, since they were struggling to make money after the invention of new machines.

    8. The Queen didn’t want anyone to copy her trends


    She wanted to be the only one to wear a flower crown and white dress at her wedding and she also reused the lace of her dress by wearing it to the christenings of all her children.

    Every civilization has a different interpretation of colors and fashion trends. In the western world we use white as a sign of purity, whereas in China they wear white at funerals. Different minds create different trends, but it’s important to not associate everything with religion.

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    The Different Meals Kids Eat for Breakfast Around the World

    Everyone agrees that it’s important for kids to eat healthy during all meals of the day. Each country has its own interpretation of healthy, but the goal is one: to feed the kids with the most nutritious of their foods. Unfortunately, nowadays parents don’t take care of their children’s nutricion as carefully as they did in the past and many of them buy them store bought products to eat for breakfast or give them money to buy anything they want. This is a sad reality that only the future generation of parents can change and bring back the old traditions.

    1. Turkey


    A Turkish breakfast is very rich. It can contain beans, toasted bread with clotted cream and honey, fried eggs with salami, goat cheese, olives and a variety of jams.

    2. France


    Fruits are the first option for kids in France. Kiwis, grapes, orange juice, pastries and baguette with jam consist of a usual breakfast.

    3. Japan


    A soybean meal called nato, miso soup, white rice, kabocha squash, egg omelet and pickled eggs consist a traditional Japanese breakfast.

    4. Iceland


    The main dish for kids for breakfast is an oatmeal porridge, some milk and a glass of orange juice. It can’t get more simple and healthy than that.

    5. The Netherlands


    Kids in the Netherlands drink a glass of milk and eat slices of break topped with various sweet toppings, with the most popular being the chocolate sprinkles.

    6. Brazil

    Pinterest | eBaum’s World

    Bread and butter here is one of the first choices along with some ham and cheese. The kids can drink chocolate milk or coffee, which is a cultural tradition for many parents.

    7. Greece


    Cereal and milk is the top choice among kids in Greece, but they can also eat a toast with cheese and turkey, boiled eggs, fruit, bread with jam or honey and drink milk or orange juice.

    8. Malawi


    In Malawi cornmeal porridge is the most popular choice among kids. Deep-fried fritters made of cornmeal, onions, garlic and chiles with sweet potato and pumpkin and a red juice made from dried hibiscus flowers and sugar are the other two choices that consist of their meal.

    Every country has its own traditions and its important to keep them. It doesn’t matter how different the foods that kids consume around the world, but for them to stay healthy in order to build a strong organism.

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    What Causes Stretch Marks and How Can You Reduce Them?

    Stretch marks and cellulite are the two characteristics that most women see on their bodies as they get older. Most women consider them a curse and try to find solutions to them. I will tell you from now that there is no FDA-approved product to reduce stretch marks, but there are a few other methods for you to try IF you want to battle them. It’s not a general rule for all women to try and make their stretch marks less visible. It is a natural thing, after all, and like most things that come from nature, it is hard to remove completely. Although, if you have the willpower and money, there are a few things that you can try in order to beat them.

    Understanding stretch marks


    When the body sees rapid growth, the skin starts to stretch and pulls on your collagen bundles in the dermis. The stretch marks are created at that places where the collagen structure underneath is not the same.

    The causes for stretch marks


    Puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain or increased muscle mass are some oft he most common causes of stretch marks as well as various underlying hormonal issues.

    Using creams that contain retinoids


    Retinoid creams can’t actually change your skin, but what they can do is inflame it and make the stretch marks less visible.

    Retinol Creams


    These types of creams have the ability to build collagen and make the collagen bundles stronger and thicker. Using a cream like this for a long time can show a big improvement on your skin, but don’t expect any miracles.

    Natural products


    If you want to choose a natural solution, you can opt for the classic organic coconut oil, which in addition to taking vitamin E capsules can boost your collagen levels and moisturize your skin.

    Laser Treatments


    The only FDA-approved laser device is the ICON 1540 Fractional Laser, which has shown a 50%-75% improvement on people who have tried it.



    In this procedure, a dermatologist or an aesthetician uses a device that creates tiny punctures in the skin with micro needles, which stimulate collagen and elastin production making the skin healing procedure faster.



    In this procedure, tiny amounts of carbon dioxide gas are directly injected at the stretch marks, which in the long run improves skin elasticity and tissue remodeling.

    Beating your stretch marks altogether is a scenario that isn’t based on reality, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fight about it. It will cost you a lot of money and might not satisfy you, but you can choose to try.

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    The Naked Truth of Motherhood and Postpartum Depression That Nobody Talks About

    No matter how you read about pregnancy, giving birth and the weeks and months after that, you will never fully understand how a woman feels after passing from all these phases. What you can do is inform yourself and try to understand that motherhood and the time after giving birth is not as pretty and easy as many celebrities portray it on their social media accounts. They make it look like it’s a piece of cake to get back in shape and they feel ashamed to talk about the various problems that they may be facing, like for example postpartum depression. This is a matter that society has decided that women should not be talking about since it is very sensitive. Since when were sensitive issues not allowed to be discussed. If there is one matter that should be discussed extensively, this is a sensitive matter and this is what women on the Instagram account named takebackpostpartum talk about.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    After giving birth, one of the first effects may be losing large amounts of hair. This happens because during your pregnancy you were producing too many hormones which prevented hair loss and your body should now discard of what should have been already discarted.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Postpartum depression is a type of mood disorder that can affect both parents one week to a month after giving birth and it includes extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying episodes, irritability, and changes in sleeping or eating patterns.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Postpartum depression can be caused by various factors, but the main include hormonal changes and sleep deprivation.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Don’t expect your stretch lines to go anywhere anytime soon after giving birth. At first they will be red, but then they will start to blend with your skin color.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Vaginal pain is another symptom of giving birth and while breastfeeding your vagina may be extremely dry and sexual intercourse may be very uncomfortable.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Postpartum depression affects almost 15% of the mothers after giving birth and 1% – 26% of the fathers are also affected by that same syndrome.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Postpartum depression affects the bonding of mothers and their child, with the first often being inconsistent with childcare. This means that they might forget to feed the baby at the times they need to be feeded.


    Instagram | takebackpostpartum

    Researches have shown that interventions right after giving birth can prevent the occurence of postpartum depression. These interventions include home visits, telephone-based peer support, and interpersonal psychotherapy.

    Motherhood is the most unique experience that any woman will ever go through, but it is also the most challenging one. Even the most beautiful thing has its drawbacks and childbirth makes the best combinations on that matter.

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    Uber Imagines Future Flyports for When Flying Taxis Will Exist

    Uber decided to start thinking about the future and how transportation will be affected by technology. In 2017, the company announced its collaboration with NASA and their plan to develop an airborne electric taxi service. This year, Uber released futuristic skyports as they were imagined by 6 different architecture, engineering and construction companies. These plans may seem to belong in the very far future, but with the way technology moves we can’t be sure that we won’t see flying taxis somewhere in the next 10 years.

    Skyport by Humphreys & Partners


    These skyports will be used as arrival and departure points for the flying Uber taxis.

    Skyport by Pickard Chilton and Arup


    UberAIR’s electrical flying cars are expected to start testing in 2020 and the achievement of the goal is way closer than you may think.

    eVTOL prototype by Uber

    Instagram | uber

    If the testing goes well, UberAIR mains to break the market in 2023.

    Skyport by Corgan


    Each skyport has a capacity of 4,000 passengers per hour over a three-acre foot print.

    Skyport by Beck Group


    Beck imagined a skyport that looks like a beehive, showing its appreciation to nature.

    Skyport by Gannett Fleming


    The goal is to unite the neighborhoods of cities with these futuristic skyports as naturally as possible.

    Skyport by BOKA Powell


    Los Angeles, Dallas and an international city have been annaounced as the project’s launch cities.

    The prototope eVLOT resembles a drone with many small rotors


    Uber says that the design of the machine makes it quieter and more efficient than helicopter and it also includes a failsafe in case of an individual propeller failure.

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    Pancake Artists Create the Most Spectacular Designs Using Colorful Mixture

    If there is a place where you can go and see every type of art that anyone is good at, this is Instagram. Food art in particular, has evolved very much throughout the past few years and people who practice a specific art form feel free to express their talent and show what they are capable of. The many likes and follows they get give them confidence to keep on doing what they love the most and present it to the people. Keisuke and Dancakes have caught my attention lately and I would like to present you their magnificent work.


    Instagram | keinagaki

    Keisuke is a Japanese chef at Restaurant La Ricetta Zama in Japan.


    Instagram | keinagaki

    Keisuke turns popular Japanese pop culture icons into pancakes.


    Instagram | keinagaki

    You might not know the characters the chef creates, but his talent is more than visible.


    Instagram | keinagaki

    You can order any character you want if you just happen to visit the restaurant.


    Instagram | keinagaki

    If you want to see how these pancakes are made, you can visit the chef’s YouTube page.


    Instagram | drdancake

    Dancakes create more relatable designs for those who live in the western part of our planet.


    Instagram | drdancake

    Pop culture is once again the main inspiration for the chosen designs.


    Instagram | drdancake

    Who doesn’t know and adore Eevee?

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    Cool and Catchy Products That Are Worth Spending Your Money on

    We’ve all experienced the issue of going at a huge store and buying dozens of things that we don’t actually need, but they seem so cool and so eye catching that make us feel like we need them. Although this problem is very unpleasant for our wallet, for some unexplained reason we enjoy giving into it. These objects that I am about to show you belong in this category of objects that you don’t necessarily need for your everyday life, but you will feel like you need them.


    Twitter | papertiki

    Playful cover for usb cable.


    Instagram | penna_official

    Penna typewritter keyboard for your tablet.


    Instagram | duffylondon

    Swinging chair so that office time becomes more pleasant.



    Donut-shaped mug for an even more pleasanr coffee break.


    Instagram | designbunker

    Lemon juicer in the shape of a watering can.



    Stairs that will make going upstairs a not so easily chewable piece of cake.





    A double umbrella so that either of you will have to get wet.

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