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    Details About the Manson Family Murders That Few People Are Aware Of

    We’ve all heard the name Charles Manson and the horrifying information that it comes with. He was the leader of a cult and the so-called Helter Skelter orchestrated the murders of innocent people along with his cult’s members. He did not participate in all of the murders, but he was the one that always gave the orders. Now that he is dead, people find a new opportunity to open the discussion about him once again and dig deeper into the life and action of this evil man. There are also many people who are mourning the death of this ‘great leader’ based on their sayings. We will never know some of the most gruesome details of the Manso family’s crimes or their inner thoughts about them, but we will never stop speculating and guessing about them.

    Roman Polanski, who was married to Sharon Tate at the moment of her murdering, was away on business and if he was at home he would probably have been one of the victims.


    When the Manson family was arrested, they were not instantly charged with the murders of the Tate residence, but for theft auto.


    It was Susan Atkins who revealed that the family did the murders to a fellow inmate, stating that ”we wanted to do a crime that would shock the world”.


    All members of the family were given the death penalty and drew an ‘X’ mark on their forehead, which meant that they were crossed out of society. They later made the ‘X’ look like a swastika.


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    These Animals Look Like They Are Experts on Taking Selfies

    Tell me one person who doesn’t love animals. I dare you to give me the name of one monster that you know of that hates animals. You probably don’t know any person that is like that, simply because nobody would ever go out telling people that they hate animals. Even if they do they will keep it for themselves, because there are more than enough people out there who love animals more than they love humans and would cause a bloodbath if they heard someone expressing hatred over animals.

    Animals have always inspired people in so many different ways, one of which is photoshopping with a funny cause.


    This little squirrel has taken the best position in order to make the camera look up at the stars.


    They’re just trying to see if the focus is well-adjusted. The professionals out there know what I’m talking about.


    When a camera is shooting everyone wants to see what’s it showing. Why should animals be any different?


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    This Is What People All Around the World Eat on Christmas Eve

    Christmas is a holiday being celebrated in many and different parts of the world that exercise Christianity as their religion. Although, not everything about Christmas is the same in every country. We might all have Santa Claus and go to church, but we do not eat the same food on Christmas day. Christianity, as a religion, doesn’t have rules when it comes to food. Orthodox Christinas are fasting before Christmas day, meaning that they refrain from eating anything that derives from an animal, but besides that they have the complete freedom to eat whatever they want. That’s why every country, based on their national cuisine, create a feast that only they consume during that day.

    1. In Argentina they eat two types of stuffed chicken, empanadas, egg salad and veal with tuna sauce, which is called Vitel Tone.


    2. In Serbia they eat fish, baked beans, potato salad with onions, homemade bread and cabbage rolls.


    3. In Portugal they usually eat codfish or roast turkey, eggs, potatoes, greens and polvo de natal, which is octopus.


    4. In Greece they eat roast chicken, the stuffing of it, potatoes, a green salad, tzatziki and some pie or dessert for the end.


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    Alternative Bob Hair Ideas for You to Try for the New Year

    The bob haircult was a trend that dominated the female hairstyling game in 2017 and something tells us that it will continue its powerful journey in 2018 as well. Celebrities were some of the first people to cut their hair in a beautiful bob for more chic and stylish image on the red carpet. But, I think that this hairstyle needs a small change in order to make it more alternative!

    1. I’m the one how told you that naturality matters on fashion, but crazy hairstyles matter more. If you can support a different hairstyle combined with the right attitude then go on.

    Pinterest | Alternative Hairstyle

    Many celebs choose even alternative bob cuts, because of their work. As artists they are, they could promote any attitude and style they want!

    Pinterest | Alternative Hairstyle

    3. We all love ombre, we all love bob cuts, so when we put them together we have the ultimate hairstyle. And it gets even better when the edges are dyed in an unnatural color!

    Pinterest | Alternative Hairstyle

    4. And we move on to highlights. Amazing colored highlights that can rock the bob and make it look absolutely Fantastic, unique and trendy. That’s the ultimate alternative hairstyle, if you ask me.


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    Here Are the Body Signs That Indicate How Really Connected a Couple Is

    One of the best photos that can explain the exact opposite of a happy couple’s body language is that of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth in 2013 a little while before they broke up. Another couple that gives lessons on how to show the utmost disconnection in Donald Trump and his wife Melania. These two can’t even pretend of being close to each other for the world to see and even when they try, they fail gloriously. So, in order to know how to tell a happy couple from a miserable one, you should be aware of the following signs.

    1. When a couple holds hands and their bodies are turned to each other, it means that they want to stay as close as possible. 


    2. The ”he’s mine” gesture is made by a woman, who wishes to mark her territory and let every other woman know that this is her man.


    3. They are looking at each other like there’s no one around and they make the world disappear, which means that they are everything that matters.


    4. A man that takes the alpha male posture shows great confidence, which is usually transfered to his partner, who feels safe next to him.


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    This Kid Destroyed an Estimated $1,000 Worth of Makeup at Sephora

    If you are addicted to makeup or you simply love everything that has to do with makeup products, you are probably going to get really heartbroken with this piece of news. Just imagine your own makeup being destroyed by a kid. How would you react keeping in mind that assaulting a child will send you to jail? I am sure that you are going to explode from anger, but at the end of the day you will realize that no one died and the worst scenario is that you go out without any makeup until you have the money to buy new makeup. But, this isn’t exactly the case when this kid is in Sephora and destroys $1,000 worth of makeup, is it?

    A woman made the mistake of taking her kid with her when visiting Sephora to buy makeup products.


    Just a few seconds out of her sight, her kid destroyed the eyeshadow testers of Make Up Forever.

    Facebook | extraordinarylifemua

    The woman who first posted the picture on her facebook page was accused of mom-shaming after she called the kid ‘tiny human’.


    The woman accused a child of doing the deed, but she didn’t actually witness the moment of the destruction.


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    Unknown Facts About Everyday Things Will Thrill Your Brain

    Everything that has been created and manufactured has its origins at a human brain. All the things that we use and consume everyday have been created by people, which means that they are not as complicated as we thought they were. Or maybe are they? Sometimes we take for granted that we know everything about one certain object, but when someone with more knowledge than us explains how it is actually used or some of its features we had no idea about, we are stunned and a bit clueless.

    1. This small hole on the pen lid has been designed in case someone swallows it whole. It helps increase air flow and can be a real life-saver.


    2. Trailers in movie theatres used to be played after the movie and not before. This is why they are called ‘trailers’.


    3. It is quite known by now that the small pocket in jeans was made for cowboys to put their pocket watch in.


    4. Did you know that Barbie’s full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts and she was born in March 9, 1959?

    Pinterest | Miss Magic

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    Strong Proof That You Shouldn’t Always Trust Social Media Pictures

    It’s no big secret that everyone lies or at least exaggerates a bit on social media. Everyone wants to look good and seem cool, so it is expected that most people will enhance their photos or try to look more glamorous than they actually are. The world wrongly teaches us that money and looks are the two most important values, so many people are trying to achieve those two even in fakery. This is why you should never trust social media pictures and of cource never be jealous of them.

    Many people upload pictures from some stadium and this guy obviously got jealous.

    Twitter | miketjnr

    2. Is is Gucci or a simple pair of slippers with green and red strips of tape? No one can tell on social media.

    Twitter | skitz18yg

    His girlfriend is very playful and he wants to capture that. And by girlfriend, I mean his own finger.

    Twitter | superchris2291

    This guy is the most genious until now. He took a kids’ toy and turned in into a real-life looking car.

    Twitter | MarcoValeKaz

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    A Bridgehouse Is Located Right In the Middle of the Woods

    We’ve seen some of the most unique tree houses and ecological buildings being located right in the middle of a forest. What we haven’t seen until now is a house that reminds the structure of a bridge and is placed in the woods. There is something about a bridge that creates a very nice and matching combination with forests and the element of nature. Maybe it’s because almost every forest has a bridge somewhere connecting two sides that have a river passing between them. In this project, the architects designed a structure that combines the elements of modern and traditional, offering the rest of us a nice visual.

    Llama Urban Design is responsible for the design of this house that is located in a woodland valley of Ontario, Canada.


    The firm collected timber from that same forest in order to create the trapeze-like bridge.


    The point of the structure is so that it won’t disturb its surrounding environment and cement won’t be needed to fill the empty space under it.


    The entire home has been constructed with timber wood and it measures an impressive 2,476 square feet (230 square meters).


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    Blake Shelton Might Actually Be the Least Sexiest Man on Earth

    This year’s People’s revelation about the sexiest man alive has everyone confused and outraged. Blake Shelton in the last person that we would expect winning the crown and it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people, including myself, believe that there was a true crime commited here. Idris Elba was stolen of this title that should have gone to him in the first place. Everyone already wanted him to be the new James Bond and that can say a lot about how much we value his presense. Apart from Idris, there are so many other men that could have been this year’s sexiest man alive and would deserve it a lot more than Blake Shelton.

    1. People’s magazine has a tendency of making jokes when it comes to announcing the sexiest man alive each year.


    2. Do you remember how Tina Fey reacted at the 2016 Golden Globes when playing Who would you rather? with Amy Pohler and Chris Pines’ name appeared? That’s how many other women react!


    3. Mahershala Ali is a newcomer in our lists of best actors and more good looking guys, but he sure deserved it more than Blake Shelton.


    4. Milo Ventimiglia had a terrific past year and his character on This Is Us continues keeping us hooked on him.

    Pinterest | Roxie Esposito

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    This Is How You Can Fix Some of the Most Common Sleep Problems

    As you may know, many people suffer from stress and anxiety not only during the day, but also during their sleep. This is not weird at all if we think about the way life is moving and how fast it pushes people to move. The harsh antogonism due to globalization and lack of as many jobs as needed, makes people get stressed for every little detail in their workspace. Their heart beats abnormally fast throughout the day and when they get in bed at nights they can’t make it go back to its normal rate. Apart from stress, there are also other factors that can keep you out of sleep, but you can easily fix them with just sleeping on the right side.

    1. There’s nothing better for the relief of your shoulder pain than to hug your extra pillow when going to bed.


    2. Sleeping on your stomack is not the best way to relieve back pain, but if you do so just add a pillow under your legs.


    3. For your sinus issues, either when you’re sick or your diaphragm is leaning, you can add extra pillows under your head to open up the diaphragm.


    4. The best solution to neck issues is a good pillow. Don’t keep your pillow for more than two years. You should replace it every now and then.


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    Rope Art Installations That Create Beautiful Forms and Structures

    Every artist has their own material when it comes to creating their artworks. Some use charcoal to create large scale portraits, some others use coins to create gravity-defying structures and some others use something as simple as origami notes to decorate a giant building. Janaina Mello Landini is an artist, who uses ropes as her way of artistic expression and creates shapes and forms that we never thought would be possible by using something as simple as roap.

    Janaina Mello Landini is a Brazilian artist, who currently lives and works in Sao Paolo.


    She first studied architecture before moving on to art school, which seemed to be her true passion.


    Every artwork she creates derives from the deep knowledge of mathematics, physics, architecture and her ideas on time.


    Her artworks are sometimes created inside a certain space that is used as her exhibition room or as separate pieces.


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