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    Flower Arrangement Ideas That Will Turn Your House Into a Closed Garden

    Flowers are not a breath of fresh air only in nature, but also when we place them in our house. They have the ability ot transform and beautifying any space they are placed in and the only thing they ask for is fresh water once a day and a little sunlight during the day. They are less demanding than a pet and they won’t pee your carpet or leave hair on your couch. And you don’t even need to spend money and buy them. You can just want around your neighborhood and cut the ones you like from other people’s gardens (after you get their permission) or the street.

    Just because something is withered and has lost its shine, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a decorative element.


    One simple plant is enough to create the warmth and positive attitude that you want your house to have.


    A variety of flowers with the addition of random greenery might be the perfect solution for some of you.


    If you don’t want a small vase somewhere in your house, but something that looks like a small garden, then this is your stop. 


    Halloween may be over, but an empty pumpkin can be useful for a lot more purposes than a scary face.


    Simple, but colorful is my moto and this is one of my favorite flower arrangements for the winter, since everything is moodier than ever.


    Another option is to pick your favorite colour and arrange everything based on that.


    One is never enough when it comes to flowers, so instead of creating one big flower center, you can create various smaller ones.


    Flowers are life giving and they are one of the simplest things to get your hands on. This is why we get them in every important and sad event of our lives. Either it is a wedding or a birth or a funeral, flowers are there to make everything a little better that it actually is.

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    Women Who Prove That Style and Fashion Have No Age

    It is true that once women reach a certain age they start changing the way they used to dress and conform with their age. There are some specific clothes that they stop wearing altogether (jeans, stretch pants) and they start wearing more boring and dark-colored clothes. Well, it shouldn’t be this way. All women should dress according to how they feel and if they say that we still feel young even when we get old, then the adjustments that we have to make are very small and have nothing to do with style and fashion.

    1. Iris Apfel is a 95-year-old former interior designer and a fashion icon, who won’t stop being fashionable until the day she dies.


    2. Actress Tilda Swinton may have reached the age of 56, but her style remains the same since the first day that we came across her presence.


    3. Carine Roitfeld, Former French Vogue editor in chief and current editor CR Fashion Book is 62 and more fashionable than many other women half her age.


    4. Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele is an iconic stylish, who in the age of 67 still refuses to follow trends and creates her own fashion.


    5. Diane von Furstenberg is a famous fashion designer, who in the age of 70 remains classier than women three times younger than her.


    6. Isabel Marant is a fashion design, who in her 49 years of old doesn’t try too hard to be in fashion. 


    7. Elaine Stritch was a legendary actress, who until the day she died at the age of 88 continued to spread her sense of style and fashion.


    8. If Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour isn’t the epitome of style and elegance, then I don’t know who is.

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    Things You Stop Paying Attention to After 30

    A person’s life has quite a few milestones and the age of thirty is one of them. It’s the age, where many changes appears in a person’s life. In that age they usually have a steady job, an apartment to handle on their own and plans and dreams for the future. Most people are also starting to feel secure with themselves and their body, since they are not in that age where peer pressure is making them insecure.

    You just stop paying attention to all these fashion trends that appear every single year and you probably can’t understand many of them.


    You don’t care about a few ”extra” pounds that were so annoying in the past. You realize that as you get older the people around you don’t care either. 


    You also stop caring about celebrating your birthday in a big way. You still like it when people remember to call you, but you are not going to the club for celebrating.


    As you get older you stop gossiping about all the small and not so important things. It’s not until you are a senior that you start gossiping about everything again.


    You lose your interest in showing off. Who cares if you still have a flip-phone when everyone around you has the latest iPhone?


    You might be on social media, but that doesn’t mean that you will have a camera stuck on your face and constantly changing your profile picture.


    Not everyone will agree to that, but after you pass thirty you either get crazy about getting married or you just lay back and enjoy life until that moment comes.


    Finally, you stop caring the least bit about celebrities and their news. Who in the world cares about the wedding rings of a famous couple?


    I think that every age has its pros and cons. We must get used to the cons pretty fast and only think about the pros. Life is pretty and changes based on our change are always gonna come and we can’t do anything but get used to them.

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    Awful Trends That Would Be Fun to See Coming Back in Fashion

    We’ve talked extensively about some of the trends that we are glad to see that there is no plan to come back in fashion and it’s time to talk about these that were hated, but not as bad as we thought. Don’t misunderstand me, they are ugly and tasteless, but how fun would it be if everyone was walking around carrying a fanny pack instead of a purse or a backpack? Just imagine how ridiculous we would all look and how much fun we would have. I mean, we probably give too much attention at how we look and forget to laugh, even if it is against our own self.

    1. Fanny Packs

    Yes, our old friend the fanny pack that still is lying somewhere in our closet for many many years.


    2. Beyblades

    If Beyblades were not a mania back in the early 2000s for kids all around the world, then I don’t know what was.

    YouTube | BeybladeGeeks

    3. Spiky Hair

    Spiky hair looked good on Sid Vicious because he was a punk rocker, but nowadays they will look a bit strange.


    4. Non-smart Phones

    Wouldn’t you want to go back at that time where the only way to send a picture was via MMS, which wasn’t even supported by all phones?

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    Artist Creates Collages of Buildings Floating Over Magical Landscapes

    We’ve come across artists that choose collage as their expressive medium. Kitty Kallaghan is an artist who shows the vitality and sensuality of the female nature through her female-centric collages. Matthias Jung is another artist who opts to create meaningful and artful images by combining natural landscapes and architecture. This is not the first time that an artist does that, but it is one of the first times that an artist uses natural landscapes and  places building floating over them.

    Matthias Jung is a graphic designer and artist, who combines surrealism and graphic design.


    He chooses abandoned landscapes and places also abandoned buildings floating over them.


    He feels that his work has to be understood and ‘work’ in terms of receiving its message without being explained.


    Matthias was born in 1972 and currently lives somewhere near Stuttgart with his wife and son.


    He is open to new perspectives and experiments, since life has never seemed self-evident to him.


    Based on the feelings he wants a work of his to mediate, he opts for different windows.


    Latticed windows will be chosen when he wants to give his piece a feeling of coziness.


    He began this series of architectual collages back in 2015 and you check more out on his website.


    Art, like life, doesn’t need to and shouldn’t be self-evident. Every work of art sends different messages to each and every one of us based on our perception. Personally, I’d rather have a certain idea about a piece of art that’s mine than have it explained to me and possibly ruin my perception of it.

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    Former ‘Buffy’ Star Hilariously Recreates Famous Celebrities’ Looks

    Tom Lenk is quite the funny guy. We already knew that, since we’ve known him for quite some time now, since the time he used to star in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Tom is mostly working in treatre productions, but in his free time he transforms into famous celebrities and tries to look as funny as possible dressed in drag. The result of his transformations are not very accurate or extremely hyperbolic, but they lie somewhere in between.

    Tom decided to satisfy his funny bone by dressing like celebrities like they appeared on the red carpet.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    He got the mouth and eyes absolutely right, but the hair made of pasta are a bit off, but so creative!

    Instagram | tommylenk

    His Anna Wintour imitation could have been a lot better, but the result is satisfying as it is.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    Now, this one is perfect. He got the look and the slight smile and he made an awsome Kristen Stewart.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    That’s almost exactly what Zayn Malik wore at the Met Gala and way less expensive than the original.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    Who wouldn’t go to watch this movie? I certainly would! I mean, it seems to much funnier than the original.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    Tom’s 363k followers on Instagram have the great luck to watch his transformations on a daily basis.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    He proves that everyone can dress like celebrities with a little imagination and without fear of everyone laughing at them.

    Instagram | tommylenk

    Instead of worrying about not getting the high level TV parts anymore, Tom Lenk has found another way to occupy himself and keep us entertained through his social media. Wouldn’t Tom be great for the lead of a sitcom?

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    Must Have Denim Pieces For Spring 2018!

    There is no doubt that this particular fabric is having a moment! Since the very moment of its appearance on the market it has been number one preference by the crowds due to its casual yet very chic style! This year’s spring is making the denim trend more in-style. Check out some denim buys you need to make right now!

    1. Bows.

    Cute, chic little denim bows is the safest choice for a cool and feminine outfit.

    Image by | tictail

    2. Denim sneakers.

    Another safe choice that will definitely add something more extra to the hole outfit.

    Image by | amazon

    3. Polka dots.

    These polka dots shirts will definitely become one of your favorite choices.

    Image by | weheartit

    4. Classic jacket.

    It will definitely add more style even to the most casual outfit.

    Image by | burton

    5. A handbag.

    Because no one wants a boring handbag.

    Image by | lollipuff

    6. Wide leg jeans.

    Yes, they are back in fashion and we are loving it.

    Image by | missguided

    7. Modern mules.

    Mules are really making a strong come back and you better get on board!

    Image by | amazon

    8. Denim overalls.

    Fashionable denim overalls will be your best baddie this spring.

    Image by | amazon
    The weather is getting warmer and you need to clean out your closet! Denims are this year’s favorite style pick.

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    The Side Effects Your Body and Life Will Suffer If You Lose Extreme Weight

    Food is not always treated as an object of survival. Many people are trying to cover and hide problems that are deeply affecting their psychology with food. It is a way to opt for something that is offering you pleasure many times a day so that your mind stays off your problems. In other cases, people are simply addicted to food, like drug addicts are hooked on some kind of illegal substance. In both cases, food has lost its true meaning and people have gone to the point where they suffer from its consumption due to the extreme weight that they have gained. Losing weight is just the first step to improve your image, but what’s coming next is the most challenging.

    1. Stretch marks and sagging skin is the first consequence to weight loss that is pretty mild.


    2. Losing a lot of weight and fast will have your body confused that it is starving and that might affect your period, which may stop.


    3. If you feel colder now that you pack less pounds it is because your metabolic rate lowers itself to conserve energy, which doesn’t leave you with many calories to keep you warm. 


    4. Eating less changes your hormonal balances, which can cause trouble in sleeping. Only carbohydrates with protein can solve this matter.


    5. Food may lose its taste, simply because your stomach will start closing and you won’t be as hungry as before. This will make food less appealing to you.


    6. Weight loss means that you have made a tremendous change in your diet. If you want to keep losing weight you have to keep eating fewer calories.


    7. Your relationship could suffer if your partner does not want to make the same healthy choices as you do.


    8. When you lose all the extra weight, the real problems hiding under it appear and you finally have to deal with them, which may be discomforting.


    Losing weight is the higher step in the ladder, but you should not pass the rest of the steps running. Fixing your diet is not just a way to lose weight fast, but a way of living. Remember that it wasn’t the weight that made your life difficult, but the reason that made you resort to extreme eating.

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    The International Church of Cannabis Is the Most Alternative Church You Will Ever Go to

    There are so many churches around the world that do not follow the strict rules of their religion, but stay very close to its nature. African Americans sing and dance inside their churches while attending sunday service and pastors are known to resort to crazy stunts in order to get the people’s attention. But, this church is nothing like that. It does not wish to gain more visitors, although they would be welcomed, and God is not the one who guides them in their lives. That is the job of cannabis.

    A 113-year-old Lutheran church in Denver, US was turned into a magestic and psychedelic-looking building for cannabis lovers.


    The Elevationists, as the attendees call themselves, use cannabis for spiritual reasons and in order to make their lives better.


    Cannabis is considered sacred among these people and they invite everyone who wants to try and better their lives through the use of the plant.


    They believe that one’s spiritual journey and discovery of their goal in humanity can be reached by using cannabis.


    They don’t believe in any kind of divine authority and they do not have any kind of leaders inside their church.


    The church opened in April 20th, 2017 and it is the third in the United States, with the other two located in Michigan and Indianapolis.


    Legendary artist Kenny Scharf was commissioned to give the old building a makeover and turn it into the psychedelic place that it must be.


    After three months of being open, the church gathered 1,400 members and by now the number must have multiplied.


    We should say clearly that these people do not treat cannabis as their God. They use it as a way to connect with their spiritual side and try to discover their better selves through that. This is something that we should all try and at some point, not necessarily by using cannabis, but any other was we feel most comfortable with.

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    An Apartment in Paris That Looks Like a Set From a Wes Anderson Film Is Now For Sale

    Everyone has seen a Wes Anderson film and everyone has been captivated by the otherworldly sets of his films. All the interiors and exteriors of his films along with the clothing of his main characters create a sense of magic and seem like they all belong in a dream. Maybe this is what most of us, who lead a life full of stress need in order to have some peace when we get back home after a long day working and worrying about every little thing.

    Recently, the real estate office of Phillipe Menager and Nicolas Hug listed for sale a house that looks exactly like a set from Wes Anderson films.


    The house has a magnificent high-ceiling entrance hall that leads to the stairs for the upper level.


    The grand living room is down stairs and its wall paneling reaches 5 meters high. It also has a huge window door that leads to the balcony.


    On the upper level, you can find the bedrooms, a sitting room, bathroom, study and dressing room.


    The bathroom is covered in wood paneling and a large part of the walls is covered in mirrors.


    A separate apartment comes with the house that consists of a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and of course a balcony with a great view.


    The dining room will make you feel like you are dining in some scene from an old film, where princesses and dukes are among the guests.


    The house with this magnificent view comes at a price of €5,775,000 or $6.72 million.


    I think most of us wished they lived for a few days at a house like this. I am a huge fan of the bright colors and the wood panels, but I don’t think I could live permanently inside a house where I would feel I should be dressed formally at all times. But, I would gradly spend a few extra money to spend a night inside it, although this isn’t offered as a choice.

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    The Gomantong Caves Stand Out For Being Creepy and Scary

    Every cave seems to have a very interesting and mysterious story that people have enhanced over the years. We can’t really blame them, since caves are naturally creepy and transfer a sense of fear and abandonment. Maybe the cinema is a little responsible about the way we see caves, since there have been many successful horror movies that have taken place inside a cave with horrible things happening to its stars. But, is Gomantong caves really a horrific place where terrible things have taken place?

    The caves are an intricate system located inside Gomantong Hill in Sandakan Division, Malaysia.


    The caves and the surrounding area are protected for their unique wildlife, such as orangutangs and an endangered land snail.


    The cave is also home to a colony of the wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat that its population has been counted between 275,000 and 276,000.


    For centuries, the caves have been renowned for their valuable edible swiftlet nests, which are harvested for bird’s nest soup.


    The main cave system is divided into two parts: the more accessible Simud Hitam (Black Cave), and the larger Simud Putih (White Cave) which lies above.


    Twice a year, from February to April and July to September, locals with licenses climb to the roof of the caves, using only rattan ladders, ropes, and bamboo poles, and collect the nests of the birds.


    Care must be taken to assure that the nests are collected only after the young swiftlets have abandoned these nests.


    Scutigera Centipedes is another insect that lives inside the caves and you are recommended to avoid it since it is highly poisonous.


    So, to answer the question I made earlier, these caves are not a place, where horrific incedents took place. It is simply a beautiful cave system that gives home to various wildlife and is where people come to collect their material to make the infamous bird nest soup, which is basically made from bird’s saliva.

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    The Most Powerful and Inspiring Photos Of 2017

    This past year has been very emotional and turbulent in so many ways and aspects of public life. The rise of Donald Trump in the Presidency of the United States, the Brexit, the never ending problems with North Korea, the war in Syria that has created a large wave of immigration and the terror incidents around the world are only some of the problems that we have been following this past year. The existence of so many problems is the reason why we need inspiring people to give us some hope and internal power to keep going and not let these tragedies affect our lives, without also making us insensitive towards those who suffer, since the following day we might be the ones who would need support.

    1. This girl who’s having fun during the Festival of Colors in Mumbai has so much power for no apparent reason.


    2. Kandy Freeman is a woman who participated in a Black Lives Matter rally in front of the Trump Tower in New York City.


    3. People gathering for the Women’s March in Wshington DC shows how much the world need to progress when it comes to women’s issues.


    4. Lady Gaga performing on the Super Bowl was not just a show, but a shout out to people that no matter who you are you are perfect just that way.


    5. Adele made our day once again when she broke her Grammy for winning the Record of the Year for her smash hit Hello.


    6. 170 Jewish headstones were vandalised on Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri.


    7. Malta-based NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station tries to save migrants from the water by throwing life jackets to them.


    8. Marissa Papaconstantinou ignores her pain and tries to reach the finish line of Women’s 200m final at the IAAF World ParaAthletics Championships in London.


    If Lady Gaga and Adele seemed weird to you, I will tell you that the impact that some famous people make on the world is way more important than we credit them for. When our political figures forget to mention how important acceptance and love for one another no matter the color, ethnicity, religion and sexuality is, then celebrities are going to be the ones to do the deed.

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