A 90-Year-Old Woman Is Filling Her Village With Traditional Paintings


Most 90-year-old women are stuck onto a couch watching TV all day and are in desperate need of having someone to talk to. Every time I see an old person occupying themselves with something, anything that gives them pleasure and helps them pass their time, I say that I wish I will be like that when I get older. It’s not only about having something to pass the time, but also about keeping your mind occupied, because when we don’t use something it stops working after some time.

Agnes Kasparkov is a 90-year-old woman living in the small Czech village of Louka in southern Moravia.


Agnes used to work in the agricultural business, so she knows quite a lot about working hard in order to achieve something.


After retiring as a farmer, Agnes found herself a very creative hobby to pass her time and make her village prettier.


Agnes paints traditional Moravian motifs in blue color on white houses to honor her country’s culture. 


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