A Former ‘Buffy’ Star Hilariously Recreates Famous Celebrities’ Looks

Instagram | tommylenk

Tom Lenk is quite the funny guy. We already knew that, since we’ve known him for quite some time now, since the time he used to star in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Tom is mostly working in treatre productions, but in his free time he transforms into famous celebrities and tries to look as funny as possible dressed in drag. The result of his transformations are not very accurate or extremely hyperbolic, but they lie somewhere in between.

Tom decided to satisfy his funny bone by dressing like celebrities like they appeared on the red carpet.

Instagram | tommylenk

He got the mouth and eyes absolutely right, but the hair made of pasta are a bit off, but so creative!

Instagram | tommylenk

His Anna Wintour imitation could have been a lot better, but the result is satisfying as it is.

Instagram | tommylenk

Now, this one is perfect. He got the look and the slight smile and he made an awsome Kristen Stewart.

Instagram | tommylenk

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