A ‘Lego Burger’ Restaurant Is Now Open in Philippines

Facebook | BrickburgerPH

How big of a Lego fan are you? Apparently, not as big as these people who decided to launch a burger restaurant, where they would serve burgers in the shape of legos. The ”Brick Burgers” are not actual legos, but buns shaped like them. The restaurant became famous very fast and people all around the world who travel to Philippines visit the burger joint just to try out their brick burgers.

The restaurant used lego moulds to create their unique-shaped burger buns.

Facebook | BrickburgerPH

The restaurant lets us know that it uses 100% pure australian beef for their patties. 

Facebook | BrickburgerPH

The burgers come out in different shapes and textures all including fresh vegetables. 

Facebook | BrickburgerPH

The restaurant challenges its customers to eat a burger as fast as they can in order to win a lego set.

Facebook | BrickburgerPH

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