Abandoned Fishing Village in China Has Been Taken Over by Nature


Even if someone tried to make it their life goal to count all the villages in the world, I don’t believe that they would be successful. Every country and every city have a large number of villages that sometimes not even the locals can’t remember to name. Gouqi Island belongs to a group of nearly 400 islands known as Shengsi Islands in Zhoushan, China’s largest archipelago. People who lived there were relying heavily on fishing, but due to the growth of secondary industries many of the villages that were living from fishing have been completely abandoned, since they can’t offer anything. In Gouqi Island we can find some of the best preserved villages that amaze with their green beauty.

Nature has taken over this fishing village in Gouqi Island

The buildings are covered in greenery.

The villages used to be very alive due to the fishing industry

As time went by, fishing losing its grip as an industry and the villages had nothing else to offer.


Ivy has growen everywhere on the buildings and the streets

It is a truly spectacular sighting.

The village stopped being an economic center almost half a century ago

Urbanization, inaccesibility and depletion of resources were the main reasons.


The increasing number of fishing boats could not be supported by the local bay

The bay was too small to support all these fishing boats that were coming.

The paths get cleaned so that people can walk on them

Otherwise, they would also get reclaimed by nature.


In a few more years there won’t be an inch not covered by ivy

We can only guess the creatures that live under all that greenery and how unique they must be.

There is only a small number of elderly people who refuse to leave the village


It is very beautiful to see an abandoned place look so magnificent and not destroyed. Keep in mind that these pictures you just saw depict a place that is being maintained so that it looks that pretty.