An Industrial House in Brooklyn Has Each Room Painted in Different Colors


What can you do with a huge industrial space that needs to be filled and liven up? New York-based artist Cj Hendry imagined this 22,000 square meters space as a division of seven rooms, all of which are differently colored monochrome designs. The space was open for visitors from April 5 – April 8 and those who were lucky enough to see it must have been truly impressed. As you will notice, every room has been decorated with pieces of art of the same color that dominates each space. Cj Hendry is known for her monochrome black and white art and her drawings of kitsch pop culture objects. She might be new to color, since she says that she doesn’t quite understand it, but her finished result shows that she is really good at handling it.



The yellow bedroom.



Even the plants have the same color as the room they are placed in.



The pink dressing room.



The blue/purple bathroom.



The orange office/library.



The bright red dining room.



The light blue living room.



And finally, the green kitchen.

Many people and designers are afraid of using excess color in their interiors, since they consider it kitsch, but if you know how to insert a colorful element elegantly in your space then nothing will ever be or look kitsch.

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