Artist Turns Fallen Redwood into a Giant Octopus Sculpture


About three years ago, I met a man who loved carving wood and creating unconventional forms with it. He liked creating coffee tables that were wavy shaped. When I saw this piece where a man carved a huge octopus out of a fallen redwood, I instantly thought of this man that I had met and realized that there are other artists who make a career out of carving things out of wood.

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky was born and raised in Shelton, Connecticut and studied art and photography in high school.


Jeff was a wilderness lover, being trained for an Alpine mountaineering guide. It was at that time that he fell and broke his back.


After 8 months of recovery, Jeff got back to his snowboard and while in Vermont saw a wood carving.


That moment was crucial for him, since he would then decide to start making wood sculptures.


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