Astonishing Mural Art From Street Artists All Over The World


It is true that art comes in various forms. Street art though is a very misunderstood form of art for many people. In this article we’re going to see some lovely staircases that were transformed into wonderful pieces of art. Let’s get this started!


1. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

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This one, as you can see from the title, is made out of tiles. I just love how the colours and pieces have sequence while it is an abstract form of art.

2. Philadelphia Museum of Art

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There is no wonder why they chose Salvador Dali to illustrate at the stairs of an Art Museum.


3. Valparaiso, Chile

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I like the way the artist paid attention to the shading part of his work. I think it has the essence of vividness.

4. Angers, France

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What do we have here? Origami, an interesting way of decorating a staircase, right?


5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Brasil actually does have a lot of colourful street art. Here we have another staircase made of tiles in colours that represent the colours of the country’s flag.

6. Beirut, Lebanon

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Made out of paint, colourful, in geometric style with triangles and squares. Probably my favourite at this point.


7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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You can actually see the wrinkles and facial hair of the person illustrated, this is trully a masterpiece!

8. Morlaix, France

Facebook | Art & Architecture

From what I see this was made using spray technic, the most common way we tend to see in art street.

To fully appreciate them you have to look them from a certain point of view, otherwise, from above they would look like colourful splashes. Street art is a thing, because they transform our industrial and grey public spaces in a stylish way to make them look beautiful.


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