Astonishing Windows That Give Each House Its Own, Unique Identity

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In a previous article we had searched and found doors from around the world that looked like they opened up to imaginary worlds. This time, we will show you some amazing and very artful windows that surely give their own identity to the houses they are placed at. A window is not just an accessory for your house to open and close whenever you want to. It should be taken more seriously, since it is what people see when they’re walking past your home. In the photos shown below, it is clear that there are many people who take a lot of time and thought on what type of window they want for their house.



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Sometimes a simple change of color can transform your windows.


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Also, the addition of a few decorative elements, like flowers, can seriously elevate a simple window.



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Stained glass window with wooden shutters.


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Even something as old as this one can be revived if painted a more bright color.



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Just wow!


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Old is classic.



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Textured perfection.


Pinterest | Pai Cheng Cheng

Abstract shapes and a great red color.



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Flowers create their own unique style and vibrancy.


Pinterest | Susan Haught, Author

Old, wooden yellow shutters.


Pinterest | Trina Buck

Pink wall, pink shutters, pink flowers.


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A beautiful and vibrant windows gives your house positive energy and makes everyone passing in front of your house stare for a few seconds. Maybe this isn’t ideal for you, but bright colors are meant to improve our psychological state.

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