Balenciaga Pinned a Shirt on a T-Shirt and the Internet Can’t Stop Staring


For the past year and a half, Balenciaga has been relentlessly hitting up with designs that are quite hard to understand and figure out as fashion. The most recent trend that is still dominating the fashion world is the Balenciaga Triple S trainers and before that we saw the platform crocs. The newest invention from the famous brand is a casual t-shirt with a shirt pinned at its front. As the company explains at the website, you can either wear the shirt or the t-shirt and let the other one just hang.




Balenciaga always tries to push the fashion boundaries and extend the meaning of the word ‘beautiful’ and ‘fashionable’.



An experimental look is expected to be misunderstood by the biggest percentage of people.



In this piece, Balenciaga aims to combine two looks in one, giving the person wearing it the option to change from one to another without having to carry a second piece in his bag.



For such a simple design for both the t-shirt and the stripped shirt, the price of $1,290 might be a bit of a stretch.


Instagram | balenciaga

You can either wear the shirt and let the t-shirt hang at your back or the other way around.


Instagram | balenciaga

There are no other choices of color, which may seem a bit frustrating for those who want to actually purchase the item.


Twitter | AH_Mike

For those who like the style, but don’t have the money to buy the original piece, you can make the fashion from your own home with a simple DIY design.


Twitter | pakistankhan23 | Twitter | BaileySarian

Balenciaga has showed us that they don’t really care about being accpeted by everyone in the world. They prefer being noticed for their weirdness and unconventional designs that push the fashion limits further and make them progress.


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