Barber Told This Man to Grow a Beard and His Advice Changed the Guy’s Life

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Sometimes people don’t look very attractive, not because they don’t have the potential, but because they haven’t understood that with only a bit of effort they can turn their life around. Gwilym Pugh was just 21-years-old, working 10 hours a day from the desk of his home and succumbing to some very bad habits when his barber advised him to grow a beard. The change did not just change his appearance, but it also made him realize that it wasn’t the only thing that he wanted to change on his body.

Gwilym Pugh

He was a very happy man, with a thriving job, but very bad eating habits and a variety of injuries, which did not allowed him to exercise at all.

Instagram | gwilymcpugh

The decision to change

One day, he decided that this life wasn’t enough for him and he wanted to change his routine so that he could change his lifestyle.

Instagram | gwilymcpugh

The beginning of the journey

When he told his barber that he played in a folk band, the latter told him to grow a beard so that he would look more folksy.

Instagram | gwilymcpugh

The next steps

The beard was just a suggestion, but it brought a domino of changes, with Gwilym deciding to change his eating habits and start exercising.

Instagram | gwilymcpugh

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