Beautiful and Abandoned Buildings from All Around the World



Most people start noticing abandoned buildings when they have a weird and eerie story following them. Old orphanages, shut down sanitariums and buildings where savage murders occured, draw people’s attention. However, not every abandoned building has such a disturbing history and many of them were left unoccupied for various reasons and despite that they still stand strong, looking incredible. The only thing for sure is that we can’t stop wondering what happened and these buildings ended up abandoned and in ruins.


1. Bannerman Castle in Beacon, New York

After a powder explosion in 1920, where multiple fires burnt parts of the castle, this magnificent piece of architecture was abandoned by its owners.

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2. Mys Aniva lighthouse in Sakhalin Island, Russia

This lighthouse was built in 1939 and was used by both the Japanese and the Russian militaries, but now it has been left to rot.


3. Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea

This is a building that nobody would ever think that it is abandoned, but since 1989 when its construction begun it has never finished. The project which would include casinos, lounges and night clubs was probably too expensive to finish.


4. Chateau Miranda in Celles, Belgium

This building was first used a refuge for aristocrats who fled the guillotine and later on served as an orphanage. Now, it stands with absolutely no use, since its owners have refused multiple times to sell it.


5. Michigan Central Station in Michican, USA

The station operated from 1914 till 1988, but since trains stopped passing it fell out of use. The owners try to make renovational works from time to time, but they have no idea what it could be used for in the future.


6. Sanzhi Pod Houses in Taiwan

The house complex that started being built in 1978 in New Taipei was never completed and it was considered cursed from the beginning. Financial losses and unexpected employees’ deaths made the project being dropped for good.


7. St. Nicholas Church  in Kalyazin, Russia

This was once the main church of the old town of Kalyazin, which flooded in 1939. However, the church was saved and now tourists can visit it by taking small boats and traveling over the sunker city.


8. Canfranc Rail Station in Canfranc, Spain

The station used to operate until 1970 when train derailment caused damage to a bridge at the French side. The French decided that it was too expensive to repair the rails and since that moment the station has been standing there completely abandoned.


Every abandoned building has a deep story behind it and it is important to know the truth and not some wild, scary story that keeps everyone interested.


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